It Takes Two

After a particularly long Saturday, Swenny arrived home from work to find me in the kitchen.  With a glass of wine in my hand.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Where do I begin?” I wondered.

It’s fair to say that once I found the beginning, I had a hard time stopping.  Thankfully, Swenny accepts that most of what enters my head comes out my mouth, so he removed his coat and steeled himself for the diatribe to come.  Feeling sorry for myself, I wondered where was the empathy for all I had endured?  Where is my permission slip to be angry, sad or even give up?

I followed him through our house, my toes nearly touching his heels along the way.  I talked.  He listened.  And empathized.  And somehow between the door and our final stop in the kitchen, he said he knew.  Of my frustration, my sacrifice and of my need to share.  He said he knew…about Swennyandcher.

Challenged for time, he hasn’t read the blog in its whole, but said he occasionally visits.  Some posts he finds touching, and others less so.  He worries that the truth could be detrimental to his wellbeing, his job, and our family.  He cautioned oversharing.

I agree.  But argue that while our truth is messy, as important as it is to protect ourselves from the circumstances that accompany alcoholism, shielding our story is pointless.  And while broadcasting it widely may not be wise, with 24 followers, most far removed from the place we call home, I think we remain safely anonymous.

If word happens to travel closer to home, I’m not concerned for what we might lose. I’m excited for what we stand to gain – understanding about the disease with which we and so many grapple, the possibility of helping others,  and mostly for the chance to help ourselves.

I am  happy to finally bring Swenny into our story.  Because after all, it takes two.

Sonny and Cher “It Takes Two”




2 thoughts on “It Takes Two

  1. Ad dy says:

    I can understand the worry about washing your laundry in public places. I felt exactly the same and to this day I still use different names for me, my husband and my daughter, in case someone might put two and two together and identify us. Of course, very close family and friends are aware of my blog, but otherwise nobody else is the wiser. I have found comments on my blog very uplifting and helpful, as well as being helpful to others who follow in my footsteps, such as you. I also found my own blog useful to get things off my chest, as I am sure you do too. There are far too many pro’s than con’s. Maybe your husband is also afraid that by seeing his story written down, he can no longer deny it is happening.

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  2. swennyandcherblog says:

    I think that might be part of it. I asked him to write the next post – but with editorial oversight 😊. Not for the content as much as for grammar, punctuation, the usual. I hope he will! Might be tough to see me through his eyes but worth it.


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