Tuesday at 2:30

Each day that Swenny lived at the sober house, I sent him an inspirational quote.  They became a point of conversation in our shared goals for his sobriety.

Last weekend, I was reminded of the one posted here while meeting with his bosses.  In discussing whether he would keep his job, the focus was misplaced.  Everyone in the room addressed his hours, his job performance and the impact his departure would have on his coworkers.  I wish we had instead talked about what losing his job would really mean…that he would have to start over.

The steps he is taking toward sobriety are linear…one after another in a long journey intended to deliver him to a destination that has so far eluded him.  What if it rests someplace other than along the path of the next step he intends to take?  Will he have the strength to start over?

In four days, he begins intensive outpatient therapy.  The waiting room has emptied, and his name has finally been called.

My hope for him is that therapy takes him from the path he has been following to a new one completely.  One that requires strides not steps and provides strength to lift him over the hurdles he continually encounters.

I hope the destination they help him envision goes beyond sobriety to a life he would be  proud of, and one that he intended all along.


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